Soil analysis

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Soil analysis is an essential first step in the process of adding a septic system to any home, and at Voils Excavating & Concrete, we take this phase very seriously. Understanding the soil composition is crucial for designing an effective and safe septic system. Our expert team in Indiana conducts thorough soil analysis to assess percolation rates, soil composition, and absorption characteristics. This vital information guides us in choosing the most suitable septic system for your property, ensuring its efficiency, sustainability, and compliance with local regulations.

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Our process

Soil Analysis Process

Our analysis services prioritize safety and efficiency, with a focus on environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance in Indiana.


Initial Soil Assessment

Conducting a preliminary evaluation of your property’s soil to determine the feasibility of a septic system installation.


Detailed Sampling and Analysis

Collecting soil samples and analyzing them for key properties that influence the type of septic system required.


Recommendation and Planning

Based on the soil analysis results, recommending the most suitable septic system and planning for its installation.